Grand Norfolk story begins in 1867 when the then Prince of Wales Albert Edward,later know as Edward the VII, ordered the construction of a luxurious seaside resort to offer a convenient and fashionable escape from London and main other British cities.

With the arrival of the railway to Mundesley a development company was set up to instigate the expansion of Mundesley. This company was called The East Coast Estates Company and architect E M Silley drew up the designs for the hotel. The Grand Hotel, as it was called, was to offer luxury accommodation to the Victorian traveler, most of whom were expected to arrive by train at the village’s brand new railway station


  • Vicki
    What a unique place to stay. It was perfect for our family as we only needed a place to sleep and we were aware the hotel was being renovated. It will be fantastic to be able to return when the renovations are complete. The history of the building is awesome.
    From London, United Kingdom
  • Fin
    We were made to feel very welcome
    From London, United Kingdom
  • Akshey
    I booked this Air BnB in a hurry a day and a half before the actually getting there. Lucky us (4 of us), I think we chose the perfect place for the kind of vacation we were hoping for. It’s a nice place with all basic facilities. The linen was clean, and so was the bathroom. Comfortable couches and beds. The kitchen had basic utensils and microwave. All in all, it was a good choice. The town, however, is only worth a one time trip but beautiful. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
    From London, United Kingdom


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